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Differ App is an easy tool to compare two files smartly. You can compare JSON, XML and properties without considering their structural positions. Download desktop app to use it offline along with folder comparison feature.

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Smart File Comparison Tool for Developers

Differ is Smart

Have you ever endedup with a mess when you comparing two XML or JSON files. Traditional diff tools cannot identify the structure of a XML or JSON file. Differ provide an elagent way of comparing two XML, JSON or Property files. You can tryout online version in here. Folder comparison support provided by the desktop application.

How Differ App Works

Differ is based on Javascript language. Therefore It's platform independent. Differ desktop application running on electronJS. you can run Differ application on Mac, Windows and Linux environment.

Differ support two types of comparison. It support regular plain text comparison. Other than plain text comparison, It also support structural comparsion. Differ app support three types of file structures. Differ app can compare following types of files structurally.

  • XML
  • JSON
  • Property
  • Differ app can read these file format and convert these files into its cannonical representation. If two files structure are same, then canonicalised form of the two files should be also same. Differ apply diff on the cannonical representation of the files and show the difference.